Fictions Fine Fragrance Collection is delighted to announce the 4th edition to the collection, SYDNEY. SHE FOUND QUIET IN HIS WILD. 

SYDNEY. SHE FOUND QUIET IN HIS WILD, is the story of unexpected love, as you may find it when you least expect it.

Perfumer Jan Fockenbrock, was inspired by Sydney's botanic gardens, which sit between city and sea. “The fragrance was designed to offer surprising yet comfortable contrasts. The feeling of delicate blossoms blends with an unexpected bite of rare fruits, finally embracing in comfortable white cedar woods and creamy musk,” says Fockenbrock.  

Australian illustrator, Ryan Hanrahan, used his signature collage technique to create a classically romantic, yet modern, bouquet concept that hints at the beauty and complexity of love. 

Together, SYDNEY makes the perfect gift for your special someone. 

…Stay tuned for city travel tips coming soon!


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