We hope that you had a wonderful new year! 2015 was a very exciting year for Fictions with the launch of our first three fragrances. You might be familiar... 

We have lots of exciting things in store for this year. More love stories to unfold, cities to be explored, and beautiful scents for you to take with you where ever you might go. While we wait for the new to be revealed.. here are a few things you will find us doing to welcome this new beginning. 

For The Literary Hoarder: Subscribe To Book of the Month Club, a service that brings new releases to your door step (not that you aren't always shopping for them anyway). Choose from new titles every month that are reviewed by fantastic authors. And be part of an exclusive book club...

For The Art Enthusiast: See Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict, you will love the story of her character as much as the art itself

For The Curious: Listen to The Living Room by Love + Radio a heart wrenching story that takes a turn where you least expect it. 

For The Yogi: Balance your mind by trying Headspace. Namaste. 

For The Lady In Love: Spray London on the nape of your neck and in your hair before you walk into the world... lovely notes of green tea and honeysuckle will take you to a heartfelt place even in the gloomiest weather. 

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